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Partnering with the world’s best companies by delivering to them world class customised software solutions that differentiate them in the marketplace.

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What we do

S-Mobile is a fast-growing company based in Belgium, with its clientele base around the world. We thrive in partnering with the world’s best companies by delivering to them world class customised software solutions that differentiate them in the marketplace. Our solutions help our clients to stay competitive in this dynamic global changing business environment. We boast with a team of highly qualified software engineers, Business analysts and other IT experts. Our team is sourced from different continents since we value diversity. This will help us to appreciate and understand the needs of different companies around the world. We have been delivering and solving the most challenging and critical software problems, across all industry sectors, especially in the retail, banking, insurance, and telecommunication industries. We have several services that we offer, specialising in both open source and proprietary development environments. Our team have experience in building and deploying software solutions using JavaScript, Android, iOS, NET, MySQL, Python, PHP, HTML5, CSS3 & AngularJS and React Native. We are also specialists in database driven applications using MySQL and Oracle.

Why S-Mobile?

We believe that good software applications are the best sources of obtaining and manage data. We also believe that a company with good software applications it has a distinctive competitive artificial intelligence. When we expand on this thinking, we envisage a world that utilizes a corporation’s data set, supplemented with relevant external data sources to drive outcomes that solve complex problems. Therefore, it all points on how important it is to have good quality data for your business. It is our main priority to help your organisation to achieve this objective.

We have highly qualified, ethical staff, that is trustworthy, and we guarantee our clients that they will be engaging with the best finest engineers and Analysts. Your intellectual property will be very safe with our staff because integrity and trustworthy is one of our key pillars. We are extremely cautious about protecting your software code, Intellectual property, and the confidentiality of your data. Where applicable we will be glad to sign NDAs to provide an added assurance of our commitment in protecting your Intellectual Property.

Our engagement with our clients is very flexible, we tailor it according to the needs of our clients and according to the business environmental constraints. We are very punctual on our deliverables; however, we do not compromise the quality of our work. That is, we ensure all best practices are followed.


Custom Software Development

We specialize in creating and delivering robust custom-made web application development, built from scratch, and designed to suit your business needs experienced team of software engineers and business analysts can deliver these projects remotely or onsite.

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Agile Technology teams – for both onsite and off-site teams

We also use agile practices approach to develop software, we discover requirements and develop solutions through the collaborative effort of self-organizing... cross-functional teams and their clients and end users.

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Mobile Apps Development

The revolution of technology the days encourages people to carry out their business anytime, anywhere. Therefore, it is no longer an option to have mobile applications but requirement. At S- Mobile we have already joined this trend of supporting businesses by building mobile supported applications.

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Application Modernisation & Cloud Readiness Assessment

We also undertake maintenance of existing software applications. Our application team can quickly size up your maintenance requirements and suggest options if you have difficulty in qualifying or quantifying your software maintenance needs.

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Microsoft Azure cloud application services

Microsoft Azure, formerly known as Windows Azure, is Microsoft's public cloud computing platform. It provides a range of cloud services, including compute, analytics storage, and networking.

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Software Testing solutions

We provide on and offsite testing, performance, automated, usability and security software testing for payment engines, ecommerce, and other solutions

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Business Solutions consulting

We pride ourselves on solving industry specific problems for Businesses that uses an integrated consultative approach utilising business analysis, technology products and process solutions in a wide range of business sectors

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Business Analysis

Through our Business analysis we can help your organisation to understand and find the business needs and to identify solutions to your business problems. These solutions may include the development of a software or system component, improvements in process, organizational changes or strategic planning and policy development.

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DevOps services

DevOps services are the amalgamation of the two core teams - Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops). The DevOps solutions have globally aided software developers by increasing collaborations and improving the productivity of project delivery.

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